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Is Tinnitus Measurable?

by Roel van Gorkum
| March 30, 2023

Yes and no. Tinnitus is a phantom sound that originates in your brain. You can see exactly how that happens in this video.

Because the sound does not come from outside, it is not measurable with a device. Fortunately, there are questionnaires with which you can measure your tinnitus.

Measuring with a test

The questionnaire I recommend is the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) Test. By answering 25 questions you will see exactly how bad your tinnitus is and what the impact is on your life.

  • How much of a nuisance do I have from my tinnitus?
  • How does tinnitus affect my sense of CONTROL?
  • How does tinnitus affect my MENTAL HEALTH?
  • How does tinnitus affect my SLEEP?
  • How does tinnitus affect my HEARING?
  • Can I still RELAX because of tinnitus?
  • How does tinnitus affect my QUALITY OF LIFE?
  • What does tinnitus do to my MOOD?

Try the free Tinnitus Functional Index Test and get the results delivered directly to your inbox.


Are you concerned about the test? Discuss your tinnitus with your doctor. My 5-step course could also be of help to calm the ringing in your ears.

Good luck and success!

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