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Want to Stop Suffering From Tinnitus?

Start your online tinnitus treatment and calm the ringing in your ears from home.

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“Roel’s course gives me hope and the confidence to conquer my tinnitus. You have literally given me my life back!” – Jeffrey

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 4.8/5*

*Since many participants do not feel comfortable leaving a public review on google, we also collect reviews directly on our website.

“An instant turning point for the increasingly loud ringing in my ears. I was finally able to step out of the vicious circle that was making my tinnitus worse” – Cynthia

From Large Problem to No Problem

Annelies, Rick and Ed found significant tinnitus relief as measured with the Tinnitus Functional Index. This is the international standard for measuring tinnitus and ranges from 0 to 100 points.

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Who is the Tinnitus Relief Course for?

It doesn’t matter whether your tinnitus is caused by stress, hearing loss, or something else. Still Tinnitus is here for you.

This course is for you if:

  • You are really suffering from tinnitus due to hearing loss, stress, medication, illness or injury
  • You want to use 3 scientifically proven methods to habituate to tinnitus, so it doesn’t bother you as much
  • You want to relax more, improve your sleep and worry less 
  • You want to get tinnitus relief from the comfort of your home at a pace that you chose
  • You are committed to practicing the exercises

This course is not for you if:

  • You’re not really bothered by your tinnitus
  • You have a serious illness causing tinnitus (always consult your doctor first)
  • You want a guarantee that this will give instant results and completely cure your tinnitus
  • You just want to sit back and watch some video’s without putting in the effort
  • You are deaf (I’m working on subtitles)

“The more you change your behavior and the more frustration, anger and fear you allow, the harder it becomes to see your tinnitus for what it usually is: an insignificant, harmless sound that indicates that you have overextended yourself, often in combination with hearing loss”

Science-Backed 5-Step Tinnitus Treatment

Reduce your tinnitus with a powerful combination of three clinically proven methods. Based on leading research from the worlds most renowned experts such as as Jastreboff, McKenna and Kabat-Zinn.

Step 1: Understanding Tinnitus

1.1 Contents step 1
1.2 How does our healthy hearing system work?
1.3 Damaged hearing
1.4 What is an audiogram?
1.5 Examples and your own audiogram
1.6 Workbook assignment
1.7 What is tinnitus and who else has it?
1.8 Workbook assignment
1.9 Causes and consequences of tinnitus
1.10 Workbook assignment
1.11 Tinnitus due to stress
1.12 Workbook assignment
1.13 Fight or flight stress response
1.14 Two types of brains
1.15 The emotional brain and the rational brain
1.16 What is the vicious circle and how do I get out of it?
1.17 Summary and what’s next?
1.18 Quiz
1.19 Workbook assignment

Step 2: The Way Out

2.1 Healing through habituation
2.2 Habituation in action
2.3 The difference between a mouse and a human
2.4 Workbook assignment
2.5 Reversing the vicious circle
2.6 Why don’t ballet dancers get dizzy?
2.7 The power of neuroplasticity
2.8 Workbook assignment
2.9 Quiz

Step 3: Calm your Mind

3.1 Calm your brain
3.2 What is stress?
3.3 Stress and tinnitus
3.4 Workbook assignment
3.5 Stress reduction plan
3.6 Workbook assignment
3.7 Anti-stress tips and sleeping with tinnitus
3.8 Workbook assignment
3.8 Reducing stress
3.9 Introduction to Mindfulness
3.10 Workbook assignment
3.11 Mingyur Rinpoch on mindfulness
3.12 Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness
3.13 Mindfulness for beginners
3.14 What is mindfulness and its benefits
3.15 How mindfulness increases your happiness
3.16 Soothe tinnitus with mindfulness
3.17 Workbook assignment
3.18 Practicing the short breath meditation
3.19 Workbook assignment
3.20 The sitting meditation
3.21 Workbook assignment
3.22 The Body Scan
3.23 Workbook assignment
3.24 The Tinnitus meditation
3.25 Workbook assignment
3.26 Free meditations, meditation plan and summary
3.27 Workbook assignment
3.28 Quiz

Step 4: Retrain Your Brain

4.1 Introduction step 4
4.2 Avoidance strategies and negative thoughts
4.3 Workbook assignment
4.4 Anxiety treatment part 1
4.5 Anxiety treatment part 2
4.6 Workbook assignment
4.7 From fear circle to habituation circle
4.8 What is cognitive behavioral therapy?
4.9 CBT and Negative Automatic Thoughts
4.10 Workbook assignment
4.11 The thought table exercise
4.12 Workbook assignment
4.13 Thinking balanced thoughts
4.14 Workbook assignment
4.15 Convince your sensory brain with experiments
4.16 Workbook assignment
4.17 Summary
4.18 Workbook assignment
4.19 Quiz

Step 5: Recovery

5.1 Course summary
5.2 Independent recovery plan
5.3 Workbook assignment
5.4 Helpful thoughts and extra tips
5.5 Coaching conversation (Still Tinnitus Plus only)
5.6 Workbook assignment

“The Still Tinnitus method works because Roel knows from his own experience how to best combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and Mindfulness for maximum impact”

What Others Say About the Still Tinnitus Course

“Get used to it, you can never recover from this,” said the doctor. That night I woke up, drenched in sweat, hearing a deafeningly loud beep. If I had had the right information and tools to begin with, I probably would never have suffered so much. – Anne”

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course works especially well for people who suffer greatly from tinnitus. It doesn’t matter whether it is a beep, hum, whistling sound, or other noise. The course works for people whose tinnitus has developed due to stress, hearing loss, illness, accident, or a combination of these. Do you want to be able to deal with your tinnitus better, and tackle anxiety, sleep problems and stress? Then Still Tinnitus is really something for you.

I developed tinnitus due to stress, is this course for me?

Absolutely! Tinnitus is very often caused and aggravated by stress. If I had not been in such a stressful period when I suddenly heard a beep, my tinnitus would never have become so intense. Still Tinnitus is therefore ideally suited for people who have developed tinnitus due to stress. I’m going to show you how tinnitus gets worse due to stress and get you started with a stress reduction plan. I’ll help you relax with cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. This way you will get out of the vicious circle; you will have more energy again; and your tinnitus complaints will decrease.

Is this only for people with hearing loss?

No, it doesn’t matter whether you have severe, mild, or no hearing loss at all. More than 80% of people with tinnitus have impaired hearing. But there are also people who suffer from tinnitus even though they have excellent hearing. Still Tinnitus is here for everyone with tinnitus, regardless of how it started for you. In this course I will teach you how to change your thoughts in such a way so that you will suffer less from your tinnitus. It is not important how good your hearing is, because unfortunately there is nothing you can do to change that.

I'm on a therapy waitlist, why would I start this course?

By starting this course as soon as possible, you will reduce your suffering while you are waiting for treatment. The longer you deal with tinnitus incorrectly, the more difficult it becomes to unlearn the wrong thought patterns. The Still Tinnitus course works great in combination with other forms of therapy.

I'm already doing something else, can I combine it with this course?

Yes, you can combine any other form of tinnitus treatment with this couse. I know you’d try anything just to get rid of your tinnitus: pills, acupuncture, massages and more. My course is based only on scientific methods that are proven to reduce tinnitus complaints. Other methods might do something for you, but don’t have the scientific proof to back up their claims.

How long will it take to see results?

If you follow all the lessons and do the exercises, you could notice the first improvement within a month. Feelings of powerlessness, frustration, fear and stress will slowly decrease. Getting used to tinnitus completely, also called habituation, takes an average of 6 to 18 months. You will still hear your tinnitus, but you will be bothered by it much less, or not at all.

What is the course based on?

This course is based on 4 clinically proven techniques: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. I created the Still Tinnitus 5-step Method based on leading research from the world’s most renowned experts, such as Dr. Pawel Jastreboff, Dr. Jonathan Hazel, Dr. Laurence McKenna, Dr. James Henry, Dr. Steven Hayes and Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn. This makes it possible to get used to tinnitus to such an extent that even though you can still hear it, but it no longer disrupts your life.

What will I learn in this course?

I provide you with the tools for a happy life with tinnitus by habituating to it. Using 4 proven techniques you will learn how to accept tinnitus and deal with it better. By doing the 40+ exercises you will get accustomed to tinnitus, so that you will eventually experience little or no discomfort from it. Participants report improved sleep and relation, they can concentrate better, and experience less stress.

I am not great with computers - will I be able to understand the online course?

Do not worry! Participants aged 17 to 83 have already completed the course before you. The online platform is so simple to use that anyone can use it. If you run into any problems, I am ready to help you by email.

How does the course work?

After payment, you will receive immediate access to a very simple, user-friendly course page. If you signed up for the free lessons, you have already seen the course page. You will see a list of all video lessons and workbook exercises, and you can go through them one by one. This does not have to be in order, but I highly recommend it. When you’re done with a lesson, mark it as completed. You would keep track of your progress yourself. The course can be accessed from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, from anywhere you have internet access. After completing all lessons, you can revisit the course as often as you like. Depending on the program you choose, you have unlimited access for 6 months to 2 years.

Will I be able to revisit the course?

Absolutely! Depending on the program you choose, you have unlimited access to the online course for 6 months or 2 years. You can use your notes, workbook and meditation exercises for the rest of your life. They are yours to keep.

Can I upgrade to Extra or VIP later?

After starting the course it is possible to upgrade from Extra to VIP. Upgrading from Basic to Extra or Basic to VIP is not possible.

How long does it take? What time of the day does the course run?

It takes 6 hours to complete the entire course. If you spend 2 hours a week on it, you will be ready in 3 weeks. If you spend 1 hour per week on it, you will be finished in 6 weeks. Everything is pre-recorded, so you can decide for yourself where and when you take the course. Only the (optional) counseling with our psychologists and the coaching call with me (VIP program only) are live. You can schedule these at a time that suits you. You can start the course today and continue tomorrow, or pause for a month and resume it later. It is up to you!

Ok got it. This must be expensive right?

Not really. Depending on the program chosen, the course normally ranges from $199 to $699. This is significantly cheaper than other alternatives out there.

Most coaches offer programs costing way over $3000. What's the deal?

The entire Still Tinnitus course is pre-recorded so I can keep the costs low for you. You don’t get massages, plane tickets or group therapy on location. This way you can focus on the content and empower yourself to achieve your own recovery.

Still... Is this course worth it?

You have to decide that for yourself. But if you suffer from Tinnitus, this course can change your life. What is that worth to you? You also save a lot of time – I worked on this method for over a year. The training I followed and books I used in my research alone cost more than $7500.

What's your refund policy?

When I first started this course, I offered a satisfaction guarantee: you could always get your money back, no questions asked. Unfortunately, some people took advantage of this by watching the entire course and then asking for a refund.

I offered that satisfaction guarantee because I wasn’t yet sure if the course I created would actually help people. But my concern turned out to be unfounded: Sus Tinnitus was rated 4.9/5 by hundreds of participants.

After 2.5 years of work, I launched Sus Tinnitus Version 2 and stopped offering guarantees for the simple reason that I know this is the best online tinnitus treatment available. More than 93% of the people who complete the course notice an improvement. These results will be published this year in collaboration with researchers from the University of Amsterdam.

Another reason I don’t offer guarantees is that recovery from tinnitus usually takes 6 to 18 months. This is true for any tinnitus treatment. However, people can be impatient and claim after two months that it doesn’t work. Of course, I have no control over how patient you are or how seriously you take the exercises.

Additionally, I don’t know if you have underlying issues that might delay recovery, such as stress, anxiety disorders, or other problems. But that’s not a problem for the course, as I had those issues myself. We address these in the course as well.

Lastly, I explicitly do not pre-select participants. Some therapists only accept people without underlying issues and with mild symptoms to ensure a high success rate. I don’t believe in that: I think everyone has the right to receive help for tinnitus.

If you commit and take the course theory and exercises seriously, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. So, go for it! Thank you for your understanding.

Why should I listen to you? Are you a doctor?

I am not a doctor, but I am an expert in solving complex problems thanks to my Master’s Degree in BioMedical Engineering. When I developed tinnitus myself, I developed a method based on the most promising treatments and the work of global tinnitus experts. Thanks to this method, I and many others no longer suffer from tinnitus. I can also empathize with your situation because of my own experience. How many doctors can say that?

Ok. What do I do next if I want to enroll?

Choose from the different options, enter your email address and get started today.

“This course is a wonderful example of the power of self-healing. It gives me hope, support, and a way out of the vicious circle of tinnitus.” – Cathy

Apply 4 Proven Methods Recommended by Psychologists and Audiologists

“Given the waiting lists among care providers, this can be an effective way to tackle tinnitus complaints early.

“…which allows participants to get their tinnitus much more manageable.

“…very complete, with good background information, numerous explanation videos, exercises, and a workbook.”

Rene van der Wilk, psychologist, audiologist, and owner of Hoorzaken,  the #1 audiology website of The Netherlands

Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy appears similarly effective as face-to-face therapy”

“Mindfulness based interventions decrease tinnitus distress scores directly post-therapy 

B. Langguth et al. 2023 Journal of Clinical Medicine

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