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How can you cure tinnitus?

by Roel van Gorkum
| March 21, 2023

Why do all the medical websites say there’s no cure? That’s because that beep / noise / hum in your ear is usually caused by hearing damage.

The cilia in the cochlea of your ear are broken, so that your brain no longer hears certain sounds. This causes them to try to restore the disturbed sound of the cilia themselves, and this creates the tinnitus sound you hear.

Because your cilia can no longer be repaired, it is said that you cannot officially cure tinnitus.

Why ‘no cure’ causes tinnitus spikes

What a discouraging statement! These kinds of claims often only make your tinnitus worse. That’s because your brain sees tinnitus as a threat.

Just think of the ‘fight and flight’ reaction that caused your body to go into stress mode when you saw a wild animal in prehistoric times. Only now the threat is not a wild animal, but your tinnitus sound that you can’t run from.

This keeps your brain anxious for the sound and therefore pays even more attention. Which makes you more stressed again, and you hear it even louder. A vicious circle.


Fortunately, there are ways to get around that:

  • mindfulness
  • tinnitus retraining therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

I developed an online course myself in which I combined these three scientifically proven treatments. This has ensured that I went from terrible suffering from tinnitus (and a loud beep) to barely hearing, and no longer suffering.

You can watch the first 5 lessons for free.

Good luck and success!

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I was suffering badly from the ringing in my ears. I battled and battled – only to make it worse. Then, I started learning and developed a solution. Now, I help others find tinnitus relief.

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