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What Can You Do Against Tinnitus?

by Roel van Gorkum
| April 6, 2023

My top 10 tinnitus relief tips

As a tinnitus expert and recovered patient, I have 10 tips for you.

Tip 1: Visit your Doctor

Visit your doctor and get checked for rare diseases that can cause tinnitus, such as Ménières disease. Get a professional hearing test as well: 80% of people with tinnitus also have hearing loss.

Tip 2: No Forums

Stop reading about tinnitus on support forums. Most people have little or no trouble with their tinnitus. They don’t post on these forums. These messages give you an incorrect and negative picture of tinnitus because it seems that it is impossible to live with.

Tip 3: Get Educated

Educated yourself about tinnitus on medical websites and on my blog. There I wrote articles that are all based on scientifically proven methods and not on weird tricks and pills that don’t work

Tip 4: Distractions

Distract yourself by opening a window, listening to music or doing something else. As a result, you pay less attention to your tinnitus and you will hear it less.

Tip 5: Relief sounds

Distract yourself with so called relief sounds, for example with the ‘Resound Relief’ app. As a result, you will hear your tinnitus less and you may be able to sleep better. It is important that you stop doing this after a while because it will prevent you from accepting tinnitus (which is the key to habituation)

Tip 6: Reduce Stress

Reduce your stress by keeping track of what causes you stress for a week. Fill in the stress tracker below as included in the Tinnitus Relief Course.

Stress Reudction Tracker from the Tinnitus Relief Course

Tip 7: Get Fit

Improve your condition by eating well, exercising 30 minutes a day and going outside. Tinnitus is often caused by hearing damage in combination with a low resilience. The fitter and rested you are, the more the auditory filters in your brain will dampend the tinnitus sound.

Tip 8: Meditate

Meditation helps to relax and that helps your filters in your brain work better later, which can therefore suppress tinnitus.

Tip 9: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Follow Cognitive Behavioral Therapy like is included in the Tinnitus Relief Course. Thinking differently about your tinnitus can help you accept it. Through acceptance you get used to the sound, and you no longer see it as a threat, so you will hear it less.

Tip 10: Get Help

Follow my Tinnitus Relief Course. It contains all the above tips and much more with theory and exercises to help you through this difficult period as best as possible.

Good luck and success!

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